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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

My First Burger Review

So after many lunchtime discussions with my friend I have decided to start a Humburger Review...this will mainly deal with burger joints in the Southern California area, mainly focusing on mom and pop joints, although I will scamper through to restaurant and fast food joints occasionally. Los Angeles is a wonderful place for burgers there is a long beautiful history of some of the greatest burger fast food places getting their start here in LA...and hey who doesn't love burger? probably communists...that's who.

HAMBURGER HABIT this little dive located in a strip mall off of Sepulveda and National in West LA is really a great little place in a stirp mall. Tha ambience is almsot 1950's...there's plenty of old Coke ads and they come from all over the world. The menu is very 50's diner, but of course doesn't make you forget that you're in a stirp mall which takes away form it a bit, you have your choice of basically the same burger with different topings such as bacon and swiss cheese or the works, the works has chilli, and unlike most chilli burgers comes with letuce tomatos and all that other typical "regular" hamburger stuff. Your order is served on a paper plate with fries and a pickle spear. They call your order out by yelling out the name of playing card the give you when you place your order..."10 of SPADES!" kind of like that, adds a good amount of kitsch factor to the place, don't lose your card and don't be a dumbass that starts throwing it around at your frineds.

The Works burger is my choice, the meat on the burger is juicy and the chilli is good, you'll find places that make chilli burgers where the meat is good but the chilli is sub-par or vice versa so I was very happy to find that this burger joint came through on both ends. Although the burger holds together well but does tend to get a bit messy towards the end. There are moments when I feel the need to add a little bit of green tabasco sauce on the bruger but, hey that' me...I love the abundance of condiments set out on the counters mustard, ketchup tabasco sauce. Gives you the option of flavoring up your burger however you like.

The fries are your standard cut fries, tasty. various flavors of milk shakes are really good not too thick not too runny, just about right.

Price - a meal at Hamburger Habit will run you from 4-6 dollars depending and well worth it if you ask me grade A meat and a good quality burger, a variety of choices on burger style. About the only downside to the place is location, not easy to get to and it is tucked away in a little corner on the edge of a freeway on ramp and not to visible, you may have already passed by it a couple of times. They stay open late, it's a great place to start your evening or go to lunch.
Hamburger Habit(310) 478-5000
11223 National Blvd Los Angeles, CA

I hope you find this review helpful, drop me a comment if you feel it's too much info or not enough. My hope is to have this burger review out once a week, and in the coming weeks I hope to have explanations of differences in burger styles...and I want this to be fun for you and for me.

Rock on,


At 6:27 PM, Blogger gamo phi said...

nice review oscar...maybe in your upcoming burger blog you can mention how veggie burger friendly the place is...this coming from your vegetarian reader...like astro burger is a great place to get a burger, veggie or not....you should check them out!

At 1:25 PM, Blogger msedano said...

veggies are suckered by these burger joints! think about it: do you seriously think the cook gives a hoot about keeping kosher? no. she or he or she-he dumps the soy patty on the same grill where a beef (yum yum) patty has just sizzled in its own juices. i bet that meat adds a wonderful flavor to the veggie patty.


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