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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Dreamburger Come True

A dream come true…

You ever just want a hamburger to really live up to its name? I mean the Whopper doesn’t really Whop you, the Big Mac isn’t quite so big, and the Jumbo Jack while quite the value just doesn’t hold up in size. It doesn’t just mean size is the all important most important thing some places have burger names like Tasty burger, or Astro Burger, or whatever other kind of name; while they might be catchy and fun and hey the burgers might be good also, they always leave something to be desired.

Here’s the exception:

The Dream Burger from Pann’s

Let me give you a little back ground, Pann’s is an old diner/coffee shop type place that has been sitting on the same corner of La Cienega & La Tijera for several decades now. I used to drive by this place on my way to and from work almost every day, and I never stopped. I don’t know why. It always stung my curiosity and yet I never stopped.

But, I did stop one fateful night about two months ago. I was shopping nearby and I needed a late night fix. I wasn’t sure about a drive through and I did kind of want to sit and rest. Magic Johnson’s TGI Friday’s is right across the street and I was debating going there. I changed my mind and I settled on Pann’s. I figured I just wanted a root beer float, or a shake. I basically needed some desert.

I sat down. The host was quite a pleasant fellow

And he brought me the menu. And there it was staring me in the face in bright pop-art letters… The Dream Burger.

What a claim to have…the dream burger. I had to try it. Mind you I already had a very hearty and filling diner, but I was going to have one anyway. How could I pass up the chance to have a burger? I couldn’t that that’s how…

So I ordered it and oh ho…check it out they have world famous onion rings! This I couldn’t miss, so I didn’t and ordered those too.

The waiter came with my plate, a sensible looking thing…white with no frilly things, no funny sayings, just your standard white plate. The Burger looked fresh, and it looked big, but not too big…and it looked good, and let me tell you something smelled good too, I could see steam coming off of the meat, because it has just been good. The cheese was still melting on the meat. It’s one of those burgers you always see in commercials, or on the pictures in menus. I mean this was a beautiful looking burger, I almost wanted to take a picture of it, but alas I didn’t.

The problem with burgers that are steaming hot with cheese, is that they are steaming hot with cheese, so as I bit into the burger I burnt the tip of my tongue. Well let me tell you that wasn’t fun, but the rest of it sure was delicious. My mouth was watering as my hands approached my mouth with the burger I almost couldn’t keep my eyes off of the burger. This wasn’t one of those if it doesn’t get all over the place, it doesn’t belong in your face kind of burgers, this burger retained it’s wonderfully burger-esque shape throughout the eating process. Panns puts their special relish and dressing on the Dreamburger they don’t drown it in the stuff, it’s a subtle dab of the stuff right on the both of the buns. In the wrong hands this stuff could go horribly wrong, but they have it so right here. The rest of what they put on the burger is your standard burger fare, tomato lettuce, all very, very fresh crisp veggies on the burger.

Side note: Fresh veggies are very often over looked on a burger, I mean there’s so many places that use the shredded lettuce stuff and they’ll you the part of the lettuce that is white and shred that, which somehow, sometimes detracts from the flavor, and you have to have the right tomato at the right point of ripeness, sometimes tomatoes are too green on burgers.

In my waking dream state, eating the dream burger I almost forgot to try the onion rings after all they were sitting there…and these weren’t your typical bulk restaurant onion rings. No, these were special battered huge cut onion rings fried to golden brown perfection, these were to say the least delicious, and you can quote me on that.

I’m going to end with that, try Pann’s the atmosphere is great, the onion rings are good and the burger lives up to its name.


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At 11:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

your descriptive writing is great, I can almost taste the Dream Burger now. This one I will remember and I will try it next time someone suggest doing something on the West-Si-ide.



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