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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Big Boy is back and he never really left.

What the hell is in Hesperia?

I looked on the official city website and it reads: “Experience the beauty of the California High desert.” Damn, I was screwed I was going out there for a family thing. Yeah you all have family things to go to. Sometimes they are in little one horse towns like Hesperia

The Hesperia, was the evening star in Greek Mythology, one of the Hesperides, (pretty convenient huh) or the western nymphs. These nymphs tended lush beautiful gardens that belonged to goddess Hera. I don’t know what Hera would think about Hesperia in Southern California. I didn’t see any lush and beautiful gardens out there. There’s nothing but sand and loco weed and the occasional dried up Joshua Tree.

Family things are fine and dandy, I just wasn’t looking forward to the drive. I mean it’s like an hour and a half away, and that’s with no traffic. Not to mention if I get bored at the family function, I can’t just tell my cousin, hey let’s blow this joint and go to a bar or go catch a flick. Why? Because there’s nothing to do in Hesperia, that’s why.

Except – BOB’S BIG BOY.

Yeah you know him, he’s been around forever, I know you forgot about him, hey I did too there’s no problem in saying it. He’s still there, with his red and white checkered overalls his bright smile and Kewpie Doll hairdo.

Ah the Big Boy.

You know it’s been a while since I saw the big boy in person, and probably just about as long since I’ve seen a Big Boy advertisement (save for the cameo appearance in the Austin Powers movie) but he’s still out there offering the same great meals for everyone to enjoy.

I pull in to the parking lot, its right by the exit from the freeway. It’s there with his rosy cheeks and big smile just making you feel warm and fuzzy inside ready for one of the most delicious burgers you can have this side of the 210 Freeway.

There’s a lot of people there it’s Sunday morning so everyone goes for the breakfast specials and the all you can eat breakfast bar with so many yummy delicious fried things and breakfast food things…mmm mmm mmmm.

Big decision do I want a Big Boy burger or do I want the breakfast bar? They both sound so good and great and tasty. I said to hell with it and go with the burger.

For those of you that have never seen a Big Boy Burger it’s basically the original double-decker hamburger, something akin to what most everyone knows as the Big Mac, which is a direct rip off of the big boy burger right down to the special sauce. GASP!
Yes the Big Boy burger comes with its own special sauce, something like a special relish. The special sauce on Big Macs is basically Thousand Island dressing. The Big Boy is somewhat similar, but better.

The place is not quite fast food, it’s more sit down than anything else. They have these booths with these big cushiony seats all over the place, very diner-ish. I don’t know if any of the Big Boys have drive through windows, I would doubt it, the one I went to didn’t.

The great thing about the Big Boy Burger is that it’s fresh, how fresh, well I don’t know, but I’m pretty damn sure it’s fresher than a Big Mac.

They have a larger version of the Big Boy, the Super Big Boy with about a half pound of meat, I wasn’t that hungry at the time, but remind me on the way home if I get a little hungry to kick it up a notch and grab a super big boy.

I love this place the food is fresh and yummy and good and you can leave with a cool little knick knack like a Big Boy bobble head, or a Big Boy coin bank, almost anything really. So if you’re ever out in Hesperia and can’t quite find something to do other than count grains of sand…there’s always Bob’s Big Boy

Is the Big Boy in your town?

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